Tappout Hack

Tapped Out Hack:

The Simpsons: Tapped Out has got the update to the new V4.0.0. The updated version now has all new buildings, new characters and much more things are added for the game. The game is also called as Christmas Edition.

What re the new things you can find in The Simpsons: Tapped Out new Version 4.0.0:

The new version is a treat for your eyes it is because it has the snow fall in the Spring field. These changes are made in the game in order to transport the gamer into festive world and lift the spirit and made as the holiday package. You can now enjoy the new buildings, characters which are of limited Edition, new quests and much more. You can also coins from the added Santa Clause and they are called as Santa Coins.

Here is the new arrival:

  • New characters: the Barney goes on a binge, from a cannon get a blast side show Mel and get the Santa Homer who is enduring the Whiny kids’ wishes. Now enjoy Christmas with a little helper from the Santa Clause.
  • New buildings: from the Try and save you can now steal a copy of the Bone storm, you can roll a strike at Bowl a Rama and finally at the Santa’s village you can feed the hungry reindeers.
  • Put up lights: you can now decorate your Springfield with amazing Holiday lights for all the houses in and around the town.
  • Decorations: with the kiddies Ride, Holiday tree and much more you can spruce up your amazing Springfield.

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